Tips for a Good Website Homepage

People judge websites by how the homepage looks, so you need to do something more than just put the company logo at the top and links around the page. For a homepage to be effective, it must provide information that captivates the user and will encourage him to explore the site.

Information is Key for an Effective Homepage

There are certain elements that must always be present on the homage such as the company logo, tagline, the social media buttons, Contact Us and About Us links. In addition, the page needs to be visually attractive. This doesn’t mean you need to put colorful graphics everywhere, but the information must sustain the interest of the people that visit the website.

Best homepage practice

Think Like the User

Your site’s homepage must be designed with the end user in mind. When you test the page, do so from the perspective of the user. Imagine that you’ve never been to the website before and try to find your way around. Is it easy? You need to be objective when it comes to this as it will determine how attractive the page will be. If the homepage is confused there’s no way they’ll stick around and explore the rest of your site.

Finally, don’t forget to optimize the page for search engines. You need to use the right keyword and of course, provide quality content to gain rank. Once everything is in place, have analysis tools ready to check the performance of your homepage and if tweaking is necessary.

Better Web Design Converts Leads to Sales

Did you know that your website’s design could be the reason why many visitors leave without buying? A good design will help push visitors to become prospective leads and eventually into sales. You just need to know visual and navigational design is ideal for your business and the consumers you are targeting. A better web design can and will convert leads into sales.

How a Web Design Affects Sales

You may not be aware of this but simply redirecting a visitor to their shopping cart when they choose an item instead of keeping them on a product page could limit cross-item purchasing. Not displaying the product price in clear font or requiring them to register prior to seeing product details are quick ways to lose sales. It’s like simple visual cues that urge the visitor to make a purchase. It’s like how supermarkets make the aisles tighter so you face the impulse of buying everything you pass by.

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By utilizing a web design is aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive to navigate through a consumer will make a purchase. Slight nudges and conveniences will do the trick. For example: a visitor might leave if they have to click through a whole row of pages just to confirm a purchase. That same visitor could have made a purchase if a big and clear “add to cart” button was available.

Getting the Best eCommerce Web Design

Don’t experiment. When you need to redesign your website you’ll want the expertise of professionals to identify what’s wrong, what works, and what you need to do so your ecommerce site doesn’t become a dead-end investment. If you want a good look at some high-end web professionals like Hamilton web design firm, Linx Digital, check their business out here. Every second wasted could lead to more visitors dropping out instead of purchasing.